Meaning of worryguts in English:



informal British
  • A person who tends to dwell unduly on difficulty or troubles.

    ‘he can be such an old worryguts at times’
    North American term worrywart
    • ‘I'm probably being a bit or a worryguts for no good reason, but my spar now seems to have lost a bit of her appetite.’
    • ‘Adrian is a bit of a worryguts, and he's been having some humor-related problems.’
    • ‘Don't worry, we are all great worryguts where our furry friends are concerned… me as much as anyone.’
    • ‘Babe is just a wannabe and a worryguts; I mean where's your sense of adventure woman?’
    • ‘Sorry if I'm just being a worryguts and wasting anyone's time; any comments to put my mind at ease would be gratefully received.’
    • ‘I can feel it in my bones that we're going to get some hard frost (or maybe I'm just a worryguts).’
    • ‘No, we are concerned here with people who trust only in themselves and are never satisfied - the perennial worryguts, always grasping, always bemoaning their lot - those who fret if they can't get what they want.’