Meaning of worryingly in English:



  • In a way that causes anxiety about actual or potential problems.

    ‘the wind howled and my tin roof rattled worryingly’
    ‘his words now sound worryingly prophetic’
    sentence adverb ‘worryingly, the plan has been discarded’
    • ‘More worryingly, what cash they do have appears to be wasted on arms.’
    • ‘Worryingly, Japanese investors would have to wait for close to fifty years to be completely sure of making inflation-beating profits.’
    • ‘Pretty soon this all-purpose waste will have its appalling effect on insects stirring in the old boy's worryingly insecure glass tanks.’
    • ‘A milestone in the quest for insightful rapprochement between composition and improvisation, Joy Shapes is an incredibly opulent and worryingly irresistible album indeed.’
    • ‘In the process asylum seekers, and anybody else who looks foreign, have become the targets of racism which is worryingly on the increase.’