Meaning of worshipfully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwəːʃɪpfʊli/ /ˈwəːʃɪpf(ə)li/


See worshipful

  • ‘Many make the pilgrimage to sit worshipfully at his feet.’
  • ‘After giving Heather a look of irritation, Paul looked back at Kirby and worshipfully replied, ‘I want what will make you the happiest, My Lady Kirby.’’
  • ‘Adam could still recall the giggling child with soft curls and luminous eyes, who had worshipfully looked up to his older brother.’
  • ‘In the midst of party-style moves, arms reached skyward worshipfully.’
  • ‘But Elaine was gazing worshipfully at Lancelot, and seemed incapable of hearing.’



/ˈwəːʃɪpfʊli/ /ˈwəːʃɪpf(ə)li/