Meaning of worth one's salt in English:

worth one's salt


  • Good or competent at the job or profession specified.

    ‘any astrologer worth her salt would have predicted this’
    • ‘They further argue that no professional worth his salt would want to do other extra-curricular activity that somewhat demean him or her in some foreign land if he or she has the option of comfortably making ends meet at home.’
    • ‘Let's see if you are really worth your salt as a politician.’
    • ‘The argument that their active lives, and so income, are short, is nonsense, for any sportsperson worth their salt can carve a very good living from coaching, promotional and communications work.’
    • ‘Any childminder worth their salt should provide an excellent environment for children of any age.’
    • ‘Forget a lazy few hours of relaxing and leafing your way leisurely through the papers - any parent worth their salt will be filling every second of their family life with enriching, life-enhancing activities.’
    • ‘But, as any proselytiser of right-wing economics worth their salt will tell you, free trade agreements don't work, either ideologically or practically.’
    • ‘Any nutritionist worth their salt would point you in the direction of the meal with high fiber, protein, and natural ingredients.’
    • ‘Personal trainers that are worth their salt, can spot poor alignment, correct it and make sure that you are doing the exercise properly.’
    • ‘Any scientist worth their salt will point out many ways in which their theories can be proven wrong.’
    • ‘Like most musicians worth their salt, Phelps enjoys recording but his true love can be found playing live.’