Meaning of worthiness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being good enough; suitability.

    ‘he demonstrates his worthiness to rule’
    ‘you proved your worthiness as a leader’
    ‘how do you go about assessing the worthiness of a book proposal?’
    • ‘The fight with Goliath is the culminating stage in this paideia, where David proves his worthiness to be king through his personal heroism.’
    • ‘So I always try my best to prove my worthiness.’
    • ‘She is beautiful but her worthiness as my mate is still very unclear.’
    • ‘They are asked to examine each one individually and decide its worthiness.’
    • ‘Edward the Elder decreed that the hundred courts were to judge the worthiness of every law-suit and to appoint a day for it to be heard and settled.’
    1. 1.1The quality of deserving attention or respect.
      ‘an argument about the moral worthiness of the nation's founders’
      ‘doubts about the worthiness of writing novels’
      • ‘He took the company from the bowels of serious worthiness to wowing the London literati with dynamic, subversive, well-produced books that echoed the counterculture bubbling under the historical granite of Edinburgh.’
      • ‘Violet is a useful shade, as "it represents authority and depth of understanding, and is also is the colour of worthiness and dignity."’
      • ‘A couple of statements are made to convince the audience of his worthiness of the medals collected.’
      • ‘The films seem refreshingly free from worthiness, irony, and political correctness, and do not attempt to work on more than one level.’
      • ‘It steers away from the academic worthiness that kills so many similar projects.’