Meaning of would you believe it? in English:

would you believe it?

(also would you believe?)


  • Used to express amazement about something.

    ‘they're still arguing, would you believe it?’
    • ‘There's a certain amount of a strangely fragrant and singing and dancing and calling out substance about, even (would you believe it?) in comments boxes.’
    • ‘He had been a bit fortunate because almost as soon as he was thrown out he was handed a lifeline by (would you believe?)’
    • ‘The magazine of the Aurora tower in Sydney (would you believe?) approached me to write something for them.’
    • ‘As much as gave us his blessing, would you believe it?’
    • ‘My parents have been harassing me about to much time on the ‘evil’ computer when my father works on (would you believe it?) a computer.’
    • ‘But it isn't Mel's, the last time I recall her having a boyfriend for more than a week was when we were about five, (Steve Davies would you believe?) it was in fact her 17 year old sisters.’
    • ‘Well, now we hear that a Swedish team (would you believe?) is about to publish news on the ancientness of dingo.’