Meaning of wouldn't hurt a fly in English:

wouldn't hurt a fly

(also wouldn't harm a fly)


  • Used to emphasize how inoffensive and harmless a person or animal is.

    • ‘He's a full bred Staffordshire Bullpit Rottweiler, and though he occasionally chews the bottom of the backdoor off, he's a harmless and lovable creature that wouldn't hurt a fly.’
    • ‘Phyllis was really nice - she wouldn't hurt a fly.’
    • ‘A close friend, who did not want to be named, today described Lorrie as a ‘lovely, shy man who had a heart of gold and wouldn't hurt a fly’.’
    • ‘Yet, when people meet the man, they find that he is funny, genial, witty and charming and seemingly wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone drive a rival out of business.’
    • ‘She had loads of friends and wouldn't hurt a fly.’
    • ‘In the witness box he looked like a frail, old man, the type who wouldn't hurt a fly, with always a pleasant word for the neighbours.’
    • ‘He was always kind to everyone and he literally wouldn't harm a fly.’
    • ‘He wouldn't harm a fly, but his depression seems to have twisted his mind.’
    • ‘I never really knew what kind of dog he was exactly, I just knew that he was a good dog and wouldn't hurt a fly.’
    • ‘While I'm a passive guy and wouldn't harm a fly, I did have the sudden urge to blow something up real good.’