Meaning of Woulfe bottle in English:

Woulfe bottle

Pronunciation /wʊlf/


  • A glass bottle with two or more necks, used for passing gases through liquids.

    ‘Two Woulfe bottles, each containing three liters of Modified CW medium with 0.3 g ion-exchange resin, were inoculated with a seed suspension of B. pertussis prepared as described in Example 1.’
    • ‘The second Woulfe bottle and the receiver must each be provided with a siphon safety tube charged with a very short column of mercury.’
    • ‘Connect the flask at once, by means of corks, glass tubes and rubber stoppers, with a Woulfe bottle of the capacity of 500 Cc’


Early 19th century named after Peter Woulfe (c1727–1803), English chemist.