Meaning of woylie in English:



  • A nocturnal rat-kangaroo that has a tail with a black crest of hair and a bushy tip, which it uses to carry nest material.

    Bettongia penicillata, family Potoroidae. Alternative name: brush-tailed bettong

    • ‘These tours provide many visitors with their first sight of native species such as the potoroos; their larger cousins, the pademelons and the brush-tailed bettongs or woylies; and the pointy-nosed bandicoots.’
    • ‘If you look at just the numbers of small native animals like woylies and potoroos and bilbies, at the end of '98 we had 900, 2001, three years later we had 2,500.’
    • ‘The winery has a wetland centre in South Australia where it is also intended to release brush-tailed bettong and numbats later in the year.’


1920s probably from an Aboriginal word of Western Australia.