Meaning of wraithlike in English:



See wraith

  • ‘She becomes daily more insubstantial, her figure wraithlike.’
  • ‘Bausch and another female dancer move through a café setting with their eyes closed while a man, struggling to anticipate their wraithlike movements, hurriedly moves tables and chairs out of their way.’
  • ‘When the lonely bagpipe finally plays a somber song for either entity, its wraithlike warble filling the air with all manner of mixed emotions, it will not be a celebration.’
  • ‘He put on a black cloak he had found, covering him from just beneath his nose to slightly below his knees, and giving him a rather wraithlike appearance, and began to make a plan.’
  • ‘He blew a stream of smoke into the rafters, and being a superstitious lot, they watched until it dissipated, wraithlike, in the firelight.’