Meaning of wrap-around in English:



  • 1Curving or extending round at the edges or sides.

    ‘a wrap-around windscreen’
    • ‘Behind, an electronic wrap-around tailgate extends into the side panels.’
    • ‘Lane's puts wrap-around labels on its round bottle, single-serve products.’
    • ‘The single-piece wrap-around windscreen and single-piece canopy give the pilot a very clear view of the airspace and also a forward-downward view of 18° over the nose.’
    • ‘Early cars lacked such refinements as a fuel gauge, but they did come with the tiny, wrap-around windscreen that was as cool as a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.’
    • ‘Sure enough, there were two guys in Blackwater t-shirts, and mirrored wrap-around sunglasses guarding the entrance to the Sheraton.’
    • ‘His trademark wrap-around sunglasses were nowhere in sight.’
    • ‘It was about the size of a two football fields, and from the ground it seemed to defy gravity with the way it hung over the sides of the tower, creating a sort of wrap-around balcony at 800 feet high.’
    • ‘One judge commented on the unique integrated tracks used for side canvas attachment to the beefy center console with a wrap-around windshield integrated into the hardtop.’
    • ‘On the wrap-around porch, potted flowers, herbs, and mosses covered the ledge and all other various surfaces.’
    • ‘Set behind timber gates, the grounds include a south facing Spanish-style forecourt, a paved patio, wrap-around deck, Japanese-style garden with a timber bridge and rambling lawns’
    • ‘Entirely unique, the development achieves its targets with wrap-around insulation, and huge south-facing triple-glazed windows that flood each elevation with light and solar warmth.’
    • ‘Provision has also been made for changing rooms and for a plant room for the swimming pool, a wrap-around deck, new entrance gates, a biocycle waste unit and a sump to accommodate the swimming pool overflow.’
    • ‘With a chassis marked by smooth lines and streamlined contours, the vehicle presented an appealing sight with its cladding, grille and wrap-around lamps.’
    • ‘Take a bath in the Jacuzzi-style tub and you can gaze through an enormous wrap-around window on to your own secluded tropical garden terrace full of orchids and other exotic local plants.’
    • ‘The mountain people who lived in the area of what is now the border of Iran wore footwear made of wrap-around leather, much like moccasins.’
    • ‘Our scenic car, with its wrap-around windows, swung up to Birg at the junction of two, huge, mountain ridges.’
    • ‘Chomping on an unlit cigar and wearing wrap-around shades, he strode through the narrow alleys and congratulated his troops.’
    • ‘The Havana Club is an exclusive cigar bar with wrap-around views of the city.’
    • ‘The wrap-around leggings will allow them to keep warm and protected from the stirrups.’
    • ‘The verandas attached to the midship Helios Deck cabins interrupt what could have been a continuous wrap-around open promenade.’
    1. 1.1(of a garment) having one part overlapping another and fastened loosely.
      ‘a wrap-around skirt’
      • ‘She is wearing a ridiculously revealing wrap-over skirt, and he is carrying a vast number of books.’
      • ‘The range includes silver Puffa jackets, plastic buckle wrap-around skirts, luminous vest tops and fleece trousers.’
      • ‘‘Zen sport’ confronts us with asymmetrical wrap-over forms and kimono cuts in shiny jersey or quilted matelasse.’
      • ‘Look out for fashionable twists on uniform basics such as wrap-over cargo-style skirts from £9.’
      • ‘There's a hint of gipsy in the long, layered skirt; of the geisha in the wrap-over kimono tops with trailing butterfly sleeves and of the beach babe in the long, floaty kaftan.’
      • ‘It's a two-piece, with a sleeveless shirt and a wrap-around skirt.’
      • ‘Traditional clothing for Thai women consists of a prasin, or a wrap-around skirt, which is worn with a fitted, long-sleeved jacket.’
      • ‘She was now wearing a slate wrap-around shirt, and a grey coat.’
      • ‘She is wearing a brown patterned cotton blouse, a wrap-around skirt made from a local fabric called ankara and black sandals.’
      • ‘Ms. Stewart's blonde hair hid her face as she exited the car, but she pushed it back as she climbed the steps, wearing a dark wrap-around coat, brown trousers and high-heeled brown boots.’
      • ‘Hausa women wear a wrap-around robe made of colorful cloth with a matching blouse, head tie, and shawl.’
      • ‘In 1572, the Spanish prohibited the Quechua from wearing native Inca tunics and wrap-around dresses.’
      • ‘I wore a black shirt and dhoti (a wrap-around waist cloth) and applied sandalwood paste and kumkum (red powder) to my forehead.’
      • ‘For the most sumptuous layering for relaxing at home, wear slouchy drawstring trousers, cami and an oversized wrap-around cardigan in grey marl cashmere mix.’
      • ‘Giorgio Armani has harmonized beads and sequins to create a shiny jewel of a wrap-around top.’
      • ‘Women generally wear a loose, scoop-necked smock over a long skirt made by a wrap-around piece of cloth.’
      • ‘Dressed by Isaac Mizrahi in a black sarong-like skirt and white wrap-around top, he played with several small, often musical, props - a set of finger cymbals, a pair of castanets, a fan, and even a cylinder lit from inside.’
      • ‘Today, Jones enjoys the audience's reaction when she comes out in leather pants and a wrap-around blouse.’
      • ‘She was wearing a denim very mini mini-skirt and a cream coloured Chinese-style wrap-around t-shirt.’
      • ‘Granny then put away her good clothes and strategically placed the mothballs before putting on her blue wrap-around apron to finish the unpacking.’


  • 1

    (also wrap-over)
    A wrap-around garment.

    ‘a wispy wrap-around of leopard fabric’
    • ‘Short kurtis (kurtas for girls), dupattas, basic skirts (here, pencil skirts with neat, long slits), wrap-arounds and lungis came next, in what was a surreal riot of colours.’
    • ‘The most stylish sunglasses this season are military chic aviators, but wrap-arounds and 50s style shades are cool too.’
    • ‘Women wore wrap-arounds imprinted with Kabila's image, and practically every car was bedecked with leaves as a sign of mourning.’
    • ‘She had parted with her jeans and t-shirt ensemble and had been fitted with a slim wrap-around, just-about-the-knee, blue swirly skirt and a matching, single shouldered shirt.’
    • ‘Adorned in a knee length, billowy red skirt with matching long sleeved shirt and wrap-around that ended right above her naval, she was the height of fashion.’
  • 2

    (also wraparound)
    A facility by which a linear sequence of memory locations or screen positions is treated as a continuous circular series.

    ‘Wraparound can handle even the most abnormal of screen layout configurations, and even allow windows and other objects to be dragged though screen edges.’
    ‘Wraparound is an application primarily intended for users with large and/or multiple screens, which allows the mouse cursor to "wrap" around the screens.’