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  • A summary or review of an activity, sporting event, etc.

    ‘the post-game wrap-up’
    • ‘a wrap-up session’
    • ‘So, here's a quick wrap-up of the British elections.’
    • ‘We'll be back in Washington for a post-convention wrap-up.’
    • ‘We'll be back with our three panelists for a wrap-up here.’
    • ‘We'll continue to follow the wrap-up of those elections with you.’
    • ‘If the debate wrap-up is any indication, the other contenders are not going to go down without a serious rhetorical fight.’
    • ‘It was a tough week for investors and we'll have a complete wrap-up of the market with Christine Romans.’
    • ‘Every four minutes, a pitchfest staff member tapped a triangle to encourage a wrap-up.’
    • ‘Join me at the end of the hour with the closing bell and a wrap-up of the trading day.’
    • ‘Along with nearly everyone else, I watched an endless series of wrap-ups of the 20th century at the dawn of the 21st.’
    • ‘As a wrap-up to the day's events, let the children take home their eggs in a pretty basket perhaps with a small plush chick or bunny to add to their stuffed animal collection.’
    • ‘As the year winds down, I'm compiling my thoughts and grievances for a year-end entertainment wrap-up.’
    • ‘Exactly what we're losing when we reduce biodiversity, the causes and consequences of global warming - these traumas can't be adequately summarized in an evening news wrap-up.’
    • ‘In their 2003 year-end wrap-up, Time Magazine ranked Thickfreakness the 3rd best album of the year.’
    • ‘Cricket mania also swept the Delhi Assembly as it met for a two-day Budget Session, with most members wanting early wrap-up to enable them to watch the day-night tie.’
    • ‘Here is a holistic health care wrap-up that offers a few hours of relaxation as well as a complete rejuvenating experience for mothers of all ages.’
    • ‘So, sports fans, keep your browsers tuned to this station for a play-by-play show wrap-up early next week.’
    • ‘The movie does have an afterschool-special feel to it, most noticeably in Jane's extensive support system and the movie's too-neat wrap-up.’
    • ‘Scenes in the movie are quite drawn out compared to the relatively brief wrap-up in the book.’
    • ‘That's probably a fairly good wrap-up of the way journalists are using the internet at the moment.’
    • ‘Keneally doesn't provide any kind of wrap-up or post-script to the amazing story he has just told.’
    synopsis, precis, résumé, abstract, abridgement, digest, compendium, condensation, encapsulation, abbreviated version