Meaning of wrap party in English:

wrap party


  • A party held to celebrate when the shooting of a film has been completed.

    • ‘See Grace Fly was made for a mere $65,000, not much more than the cost of a wrap party on an American blockbuster.’
    • ‘It seems I'd been deposited on a friend's floor after going on a very successful drunken rampage at a wrap party for an indy film in which I played - you guessed it - a rampaging drunk.’
    • ‘Rehearsals, improvisations, and production design are also spotlighted, and the footage ends with the wrap party, where we see the strong sense of family that has built among the cast and crew.’
    • ‘Other special features include an eight-minute long ‘behind the scenes’ clip that seems to be either footage of the wrap party or practice for one of the dance numbers.’
    • ‘But I initially said I couldn't go because we had the wrap party for Thunderbirds and I was on such a high, trying to figure out what to wear that evening.’
    • ‘It turned out to be a great deal more than an end-of-shoot wrap party.’
    • ‘It was tradition, Michelle told her, that everyone watch the last taping of the film and have a huge wrap party afterward.’
    • ‘Thank you for your extremely detailed proposal for the food and drink to be served at the wrap party next week for Mr. Nicholson's new motion picture.’
    • ‘The wrap party is the most amazing party I have ever been to.’
    • ‘When Essell said she didn't have a computer, the actor gave her a laptop at the wrap party.’
    • ‘The weather was so bad that an extra day has been added to the schedule, so a selection of the cast and crew are heading up to Edinburgh this week for the final days of shooting before the wrap party on Saturday night.’
    • ‘Tamsin met her husband at the wrap party of the Lenny Henry-penned science fiction drama, Neverwhere, and it happened when she least expected it.’
    • ‘Back in the UK they finished shooting MirrorMask yesterday, had the wrap party and everything.’
    • ‘Last night was the wrap party for The Creatives but he wasn't drinking, having given up the sauce many months before.’
    • ‘Her chutzpah paid off and, after the wrap party, she headed for London and started applying for jobs as a producer.’
    • ‘All agreed that the director should be treated to a lavish wrap party.’
    • ‘The People's Choice award, as voted by the audience, will lead the winning team to have a private wrap party at microbrasserie Le Reservoir hosted by Cannes-award-winning filmmaker Denys Arcand.’
    • ‘When it was all said and done, he threw his arms around me at the wrap party and was like, ‘Thank you, thank you.’’
    • ‘Kitano is crucially his own editor as well as writer, director and star, and rhythm is all-pervading, both in a joyful building scene and in the tap-dancing finale he throws in as a kind of glorified wrap party.’
    • ‘Popular for film wrap parties and various media-related special events, this is the new hi-tech district too, it is itself a former warehouse and still has that funky exposed-wood industrial feel.’