Meaning of wrap someone in cotton wool in English:

wrap someone in cotton wool


  • Be overprotective towards someone.

    ‘wrapping ourselves in cotton wool could turn us into a bunch of scaredy cats’
    • ‘I often wonder whether I'm doing right by my children, whether their independence is at risk because I'm wrapping them in cotton wool.’
    • ‘You should be educating your children, not wrapping them in cotton wool.’
    • ‘I didn't get an explanation why I was taken off but maybe they're wrapping me in cotton wool for next week.’
    • ‘‘I can honestly thank my parents for not wrapping me in cotton wool,’ he says.’
    • ‘Boys will be boys and you can't wrap them in cotton wool.’
    • ‘How can they even enjoy being kids if we wrap them in cotton wool all the time?’
    • ‘She said he was quite small but very robust and she has to resist the temptation to wrap him in cotton wool.’
    • ‘As you may be able to tell, I would wrap her in cotton wool if I could!’
    • ‘The worst thing that can be done to these young people is to wrap them in cotton wool.’
    • ‘But don't get the idea that I wrap him up in cotton wool.’
    pamper, spoil, overindulge, coddle, mollycoddle, cosset, nanny, nursemaid, mother, baby, pet, spoon-feed, feather-bed, wrap in cotton wool, overparent