Meaning of wrap something up in English:

wrap something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Complete or conclude a discussion or agreement.

    ‘they hope to wrap up negotiations within sixty days’
    • ‘They wrap it up with some fascinating conclusions and five answers to ‘what to do and how to do it.’’
    • ‘‘There has been a lot of interest in the property and we're hoping to wrap it up in the next week,’ he told the Western People.’
    • ‘Menigo said it was hoped the case would be wrapped up by June 25.’
    • ‘Lowe auctioneers have been in negotiations with interested buyers and now expect to wrap the sale up in the next two weeks.’
    • ‘But Washington is insisting that more negotiations are needed before the long-running dispute can be wrapped up.’
    • ‘I have one last point, because it would be helpful, I think, to wrap things up, and it deals with your assessment again within your report on an aspect of the gender issue.’
    • ‘It was fun if a little light, as though she couldn't be bothered finishing it so she just wrapped it up quickly and then summarised subsequent events in the epilogue.’
    • ‘That about wraps it up for today, I hope to have some more news tomorrow as we start working on the Prestonia review as well as some other product reviews and articles that have been in the works for a while.’
    • ‘The chapter is also abnormally short, but hopefully it wraps things up well.’
    • ‘The whole matter was wrapped up in 24 hours, because so many people were riled up and got involved.’
    conclude, finish, end, bring to an end, bring to a close, bring to a conclusion, round off, terminate, stop, cease, finalize, complete, settle, tie up, put the finishing touches to
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    1. 1.1Win a game or competition.
      ‘Australia wrapped up the series 4–0’
      • ‘The Robins pressed for an equaliser but the visitors wrapped the game up when Gavin Dickinson scored after a good break in the 67th minute.’
      • ‘And they appeared to have wrapped the game up when Mark Dickinson touched down between the posts.’
      • ‘Although honours in the end were evenly shared after a hard fought contest, one could not help feeling that Yorkshire could have wrapped the game up inside three days if they had adopted different tactics.’
      • ‘Rangers appeared to have wrapped the game up early enough, Colin Stein scoring first, then Willie Johnston adding a second and third on either side of the half-time break.’
      • ‘Skipper Mark Dobie scored for the visitors in the 79th minute and then wrapped the game up in the 86th minute when he curled in a superb shot from 20 yards.’
      • ‘Ten minutes before half-time Unsworth wrapped the game up.’
      • ‘Accrington Stanley manager John Coleman must have sat back safe in the knowledge that his side had wrapped the game up after just two minutes.’
      • ‘St. Martin's proceeded to wrap the game up with a series of points and a late goal.’
      • ‘Another two tries for Kippax and a final drop goal wrapped the game up at 23-6.’
      • ‘Connor McGrann wrapped the game up in the final minute with a excellent run and shot.’
      come first in, finish first in, be victorious in, triumph in, take first prize in, achieve success in, be successful in, prevail in
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