Meaning of wrap up in English:

wrap up

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (also wrap someone up)
    Put on (or dress someone in) warm clothes.

    ‘wrap up warm’
    ‘Tim was well wrapped up against the weather’
    • ‘My father wrapped me up in his bathrobe and I got to sit up with my parents drink flat ginger ale and watch Johnny Carson.’
    • ‘Jarlox himself just wore pantaloons, his golden skin seeming to glow a little bit in the sun while both Autumn and Sofi were wrapped up in their cloaks, content to hide from view.’
    • ‘By this time, Neeley had given birth to the first girl and the officers wrapped her up in Karen's police jacket to keep her warm.’
    • ‘When she had finished wrapping Gwin up in scarf and coat, she immediately disappeared back to the observatory to gather his own outside items.’
    • ‘Ms Robinson is wrapped up in a duvet and wears an overcoat, an all-enveloping shawl and mittens on her presumably chilled fingers.’
    • ‘We wrapped him up with thermal blankets because he didn't know how long he'd been in the water and there was a danger of hypothermia.’
    • ‘The baby was born in a matter of minutes and I wrapped her up in a coat that was in the car and gave her straight to her mum.’
    • ‘They wrapped her up again in the blanket, underneath the gown, and she looked like a little angel.’
    • ‘She was shaking even though she was wrapped up in a thick long coat in the middle of summer.’
    • ‘I was wrapped up in my big coat, my lovely new thick scarf around my neck, beanie on my head and my hood pulled over it.’
    dress warmly, wear warm clothes, put on more clothes, muffle up
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  • 2also wrap it upBritish informal in imperative Be quiet; stop talking or making a noise.

    be quiet, quieten down, be silent, fall silent, stop talking, hold one's tongue, keep one's lips sealed
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