Meaning of wrathful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɒθfʊl/ /ˈrɒθf(ə)l/ /ˈrɔːθfʊl/ /ˈrɔːθf(ə)l/

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  • Full of or characterized by intense anger.

    ‘natural calamities seemed to be the work of a wrathful deity’
    • ‘These exchanges are routine, and don't distract Krista from trying to breach an ideological gap with a car full of wrathful seniors.’
    • ‘As she slowly gathered her wits, she could feel the familiar burning of wrathful anger building up within her.’
    • ‘Bodhisattvas are portrayed as both benevolent godlike figures and wrathful deities.’
    • ‘I walked a sad tightrope between trying to impress cooler kids through imitation and my mortal terror of wrathful authority figures.’
    • ‘Ander had the sneaking suspicion that terrible things were happening to his grade in her class, but at least he didn't have to worry about taking report cards home to wrathful parents.’
    angry, irate, raging, enraged, incensed, infuriated, furious, choleric, fuming, ranting, raving, seething, frenzied, in a frenzy, beside oneself, indignant, outraged, vexed, in high dudgeon, exasperated, in a temper, irritated, provoked, piqued, cross, displeased
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