Meaning of wrathy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɒθi/ /ˈrɔːθi/


informal, dated North American
  • Wrathful.

    • ‘My flip, polite persona masks a smouldering and wrathy incredulity as I learn that another revivalist is stepping up to accept officialdom's accolade.’
    • ‘California writer Frank Taylor wrote in Forum in November 1939, ‘Californians are wrathy over The Grapes of Wrath…Though the book is fiction, many readers accept it as fact.’’
    • ‘I began to be alarmed and wrathy; but I felt that my knowledge of French was not equal to adequately expressing my sentiments and decided to await developments.’
    • ‘It has been very difficult to not post the 101 wrathy thoughts that have come to mind, but after allowing myself a day to cool down all I can really say is gentlemen, shame on you!’
    • ‘The noise of the mooncalves would at times be a vast flat calf-like sound, at times it rose to an amazed and wrathy bellowing, and again it would become a clogged bestial sound, as though these unseen creatures had sought to eat and bellow at the same time.’



/ˈrɒθi/ /ˈrɔːθi/