Meaning of wrecked in English:



  • 1Having been wrecked.

    ‘an old wrecked barge’
    ‘a wrecked marriage’
    • ‘In front of the police station near my hotel I counted 34 wrecked cars at the side of the road and from the abundant rust it was clear some had been there for at least half a dozen years.’
    • ‘You'd think parts from wrecked Australian cars would be the cheapest option for smash repairs.’
    • ‘Peter and Sarah tried to follow him, but found only his wrecked car.’
    • ‘A volunteer searcher, who said she had had several vivid dreams of a wooded area, found the wrecked car in the trees.’
    • ‘A woman stops to help the driver of a wrecked car and makes a stunning discovery.’
    • ‘The driver managed to free himself from the wrecked car before it burst into flames.’
    • ‘A York scrapyard owner has pledged it will be business as usual tomorrow - despite counting the cost of a fire which ripped through more than 300 wrecked cars.’
    • ‘If his car is totally wrecked, he will lose only $5,000.’
    • ‘‘Now you hardly ever see a wrecked car in the Bradford district because they are removed so quickly,’ he said.’
    • ‘Queues of traffic stretched back for miles following the accident as the fire service extinguished the blaze and police removed the wrecked cars.’
    • ‘Nicola arrived to comfort her baby, mother and grandmother beside the wrecked car and lorry before the emergency services arrived.’
    • ‘Mr Smith-Cromie estimated that the total bill for the wrecked cars would run to around £150,000.’
    • ‘Noah disconnected the call and sighed, staring at the wrecked car that was being towed away.’
    • ‘He would not have had to face career loss, nor a lawsuit, nor a wrecked marriage.’
    • ‘The two women passengers managed to clamber out of the wrecked car.’
    • ‘The police officers who followed dragged him from the wrecked car, fearing it might explode.’
    • ‘There were signs of fierce fighting, with wrecked tanks beside the road; but the troops received a warm welcome.’
    • ‘When police arrived Bailey was walking off with half of the wrecked sign in his hands and he was arrested.’
    • ‘Water from the wrecked pipe shot 10 metres into the air.’
    • ‘The fraud exposure had almost wrecked his family, he said, but his wife and two children had supported him throughout his ordeal.’
  • 2British informal Very drunk.

    ‘they got wrecked on tequila’
    • ‘I don't drink often, because I end up totally wrecked, with a horrible hangover the next day.’
    • ‘We are looking for someone who can share a good conversation, not somebody who is just going to get wrecked.’
    • ‘We need to change this way of thinking and bring back the idea that a pleasant night at the pub can be a time for a few drinks and a chat, not a reason to get totally wrecked.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
  • 3informal Exhausted.

    • ‘I'm wrecked, haven't eaten in two days, and want my mommy.’
    • ‘And when you go do that you're so wrecked that you can't skate for a week.’
    • ‘I was trying to gee them up but I was wrecked after playing just 15 minutes which just emphasised for me the effort everybody had put in.’
    • ‘With all this broken sleep, my husband and I are completely wrecked!’
    • ‘I woke up briefly, but I was so tired, and he was wrecked, so we both crashed, I think.’
    • ‘Between tearing down walls and digging up floors I was always wrecked.’
    • ‘I am wrecked now and I have to drive to Tralee in a few hours which is a least a four hour drive.’
    • ‘But he was tired, and his brother was wrecked too, so we taxied home.’