Meaning of wrest plank in English:

wrest plank

(also wrest block)


  • The part of a piano or harpsichord holding the wrest pins.

    • ‘This put intolerable strains on the casework, the string tension trying to pull the wrest plank closer to the soundboard.’
    • ‘A good wrest plank is vital to any piano, since it has to withstand the pull of up to 20 kg per string.’
    • ‘It is used to drive tuning pins into the wrest plank and prevents damage to the pins as well as to the case.’
    • ‘This is a piece of 1in. wood, 2in. deep, fitted between the wrest plank and the projecting front of the end.’
    • ‘Strings, hammers, bridges, wrest plank tuning pins, have all been renewed with the best available materials.’
    • ‘A new laminated wrest plank is fitted and the action has been completely overhauled.’
    • ‘In the Geigenwerken by Haiden and Truchado, the wrest plank was located at the front, and the hitchpin plate was placed along the edge of the soundboard near the bentside and tail piece.’
    • ‘From my observation, they did not seem to have detected under the veneer that the thickness of the wrest plank was split right through.’
    • ‘Optionally make up a new wrest plank and new bridge, chip, pre-tune and tune as per the Fenner system, calculating the scaling of all the plain wire and bass strings.’
    • ‘Both affect tuning stability, though splits in the soundboard mainly affect the piano's tone, whilst splits in the wrest plank can make successful tuning impossible.’
    • ‘This can result in splits in the soundboard and the drying out of the wrest plank which effectively keeps the pianos tuning pins nice and tight therefore, holding the piano in tune.’
    • ‘During manufacture, the tuning pins are inserted into holes in the wrest plank and the strings are wrapped round them to provide the tension to hold the piano in tune.’
    • ‘A harpsichord action characterized by a vertical disposition of the strings which extend downwardly from a wrest plank located slightly above the keyboard.’
    • ‘The last coils must end up a millimetre or two above the wrest plank (this is true of all strings).’
    • ‘The wrest planks are let into the case so that the tension of the strings is distributed uniformly throughout the entire instrument.’