Meaning of wrestler in English:



  • 1A person who takes part in wrestling, especially for sport.

    ‘huge men built like professional wrestlers’
    • ‘Fans could be even more hardcore than the wrestlers themselves.’
    • ‘His "victims" are anyone from geriatrics in an old people's home to amateur wrestlers in a gym.’
    • ‘I watched a film years ago called "Foul King," about a guy who wanted to become a wrestler.’
    • ‘The legendary professional wrestler is inducted into the Man Show Hall of Fame.’
    • ‘Andrew is 6 foot 5 and built like a wrestler.’
  • 2A person who struggles with a difficulty or problem.

    ‘ wrestlers with our nation's dilemmas and challenges’
    • ‘Thou 'rt passing fast from thy toils away, Thou wrestler with the sea!’
    • ‘The name Israel means “wrestler with God.”’
    • ‘How hast thou stood with pleading eyes, Outstretching hands, and fervent cries, Unwearied wrestler with the skies!’