Meaning of wretchedly in English:



See wretched

as submodifier ‘a wretchedly poor country’
  • ‘Michele's village is obviously and wretchedly poor.’
  • ‘I felt wretchedly horrible and I really did believe it was partly my fault Will was here in the hospital and he was paralysed.’
  • ‘But it stressed that, despite the improvement, the amount fell wretchedly short of what was needed - and warned that some countries had been so crippled by the pandemic that they risked instability.’
  • ‘Commiserating with grieving relatives, I always told them that I felt wretchedly responsible for what had happened and apologised in person where I could.’
  • ‘I watched them wretchedly age, season after season, and no matter how bad my mood, I could always worsen it by glancing at them.’