Meaning of wretchedness in English:



See wretched

  • ‘But, he failed to mention that, with that knowledge comes misery and wretchedness, pain and suffering.’
  • ‘But the statistics alone, as horrifying as they are, hardly convey the trauma, pain and wretchedness of the victims.’
  • ‘On visits to the West of Ireland in 1847 he saw scenes of such misery and wretchedness that ‘might have driven a wise man mad.’’
  • ‘What I ended up not liking, actually detesting with a burning passion, was the sheer wretchedness of the text in the piece and the excessive self-consciousness in which they made reference to the painterly/artistic process.’
  • ‘But there are fissures in the cocky exterior that occasionally reveal a rage and a wretchedness that seems to border on despair.’