Meaning of wring one's hands in English:

wring one's hands


  • Clasp and twist one's hands together as a gesture of great distress, especially when one is powerless to change the situation.

    ‘she was wringing her hands in agitation’
    ‘there was little they could do about it except wring their hands’
    • ‘This needs real leadership from the international community to avoid a situation where everyone's just wringing their hands and watching the situation get worse and worse.’
    • ‘Still, I'm perfectly willing to spend the first few days of the month wringing my hands over the situation.’
    • ‘I wrung my hands together and buried my face into my hands.’
    • ‘Bernie wrung his hands together nervously as he sat at Duncan's desk.’
    • ‘He was on the verge of tears, and he wrung his hands together worriedly.’
    • ‘Angelos glimpsed at Evelyn, who was suddenly looking nervous as she wrung her hands together and intently stared at the yellowing linoleum flooring.’
    • ‘She wrung her hands together while she nervously scanned the room for Devin.’
    • ‘She wrung her hands together as she struggled with how to announce the news.’
    • ‘Most of the passengers had moved as far away from him as possible and one lady kept glancing at him and wringing her hands together.’
    • ‘She wrung her own tiny hands, peering up and down the street for any more sign of the shiny officers.’