Meaning of wringer in English:



  • A device such as a mangle for wringing water from wet clothes, mops, or other objects.

    • ‘A man standing over a hopper feeds in chunks of the batter, which are pressed through mechanical rollers that look like the clothes wringer on an old-fashioned washing machine.’
    • ‘On one side of the main building there were four washing machines and two wringers, which were driven by a 20-horse-power engine placed in the adjoining building.’
    • ‘They were primitive small cylinders, not hooked up to water pipes or drains, with no spin dryers or wringers.’
    • ‘As a child watches his mother put washing through the wringer in the 1940s, wet clothes ‘emerge from between the two cylinders of white rubber like giant wrinkled tongues’.’
    • ‘I argued that the washerwoman might have mangled her hand if she was caught in the wringer, but it couldn't have engulfed her entirely.’
    • ‘The wringer with its flexible rubber rollers is electrically driven and swings effortlessly into 8 different positions.’
    • ‘Next, I visited the nearby car wash, and used their wringer, (also known as a mangle), to manhandle a few ounces of water out of the jeans.’
    • ‘If you stroll down the Kaivopuisto esplanade in Helsinki, there's some wooden benches along the harbour that look like picnic benches and industrial size wringers behind the benches.’
    • ‘The making of wringers was the town's third-largest industry in the late 19th century and well into the 1950s.’
    • ‘Even his mother's washing-machine alarms and enchants him, since he knows one day he'll put his fingers in the wringer, and (experience succeeding innocence) duly does.’


    put someone through the wringer (or the mangle)
    • Subject someone to a very stressful experience, especially a severe interrogation.

      ‘he has no papers so they put him through the wringer’
      • ‘The story is told from Lucia's viewpoint and she is put through the wringer by her mother.’
      • ‘She put him through the wringer financially after only a year and a half of marriage.’