Meaning of wrinkly in English:


(also wrinklie)

adjectivewrinklier, wrinkliest

  • Having many lines or folds.

    ‘her thin, wrinkly face’
    • ‘My face had little wrinkly lines on it from how much I had cried the night before.’
    • ‘In any case, the dog should be kept as clean as possible, particularly in wrinkly areas, to help prevent irritations in the skin folds.’
    • ‘Last I remember of it, it had several torn and wrinkly pages and the cover was folded and worn out.’
    • ‘She pulled on a light wind jacket to cover her wrinkly shirt and laced up her shoes.’
    • ‘Mangoes with slightly wrinkly skin are the sweetest ones.’
    • ‘Endowed with pinkish-gray, wrinkly skin, scant hair, and long buck teeth, naked mole-rats aren't likely to win any beauty contests.’
    • ‘The 1970s were more earnest: health officials used advertising to caution against everything from the hazards of pregnancy, smoking and food hygiene to wrinkly tights.’
    • ‘Growers sell their produce direct to the consumer making them better value than supermarket organics and fresher than the sad ritual display of wrinkly produce that lingers in some wholefood shops.’
    • ‘Family myth says that when we went to the cinema, my dad would make you painstakingly unwrap any sweets before the film began so as not to disturb people with wrinkly cellophane noises during the show.’
    • ‘The danger, of course, is that, if we're not careful, golf clubs are going to end up as mere refuges for increasingly grey and increasingly wrinkly sections of society.’
    • ‘The speaker was an old, wrinkly man with smiling, dark eyes and curly gray hair.’
    • ‘She wore purple pajama bottoms that were kind of dirty, very wrinkly and had little moons on them.’
    • ‘She now lives in Palm Springs, the desert oasis associated with super-rich and wrinkly superstars.’
    • ‘Mr Black's wrinkly face screwed up to such a degree that he looked like a sun dried tomato.’
    • ‘When he saw his grandson and Josie stand and begin to dance, a smile spread across his old, wrinkly face.’
    • ‘Her skin is brown and wrinkly and saggy from spending too much time in the sun.’
    • ‘‘I don't even know what I should be looking for,’ he remarked, turning the wrinkly, yellow, age old pages.’
    • ‘I've noticed recently that I'm starting to look a bit wrinkly around the eyes and although I'll probably still smother Oil of Olay on the suspected areas, I don't fear the aging process quite so much.’
    • ‘A couple lockers down was a boy, about 5'5, with scruffy brown hair, wearing rumpled blue jeans and a wrinkly white t-shirt, looking as though he'd just fallen out of bed.’
    • ‘She's convinced that no matter how hard she works out, the skin that covers her taut biceps is growing daily more slack and wrinkly.’
    wrinkled, wrinkly, crinkled, crumpled, rumpled, creased, crimped, corrugated, fluted, gathered, puckered, furrowed, ridged, grooved, rippled, wavy, kinked, kinky


informal, derogatory British
  • An old person.

    ‘none of the wrinklies looked pleased to see their visitors’
    • ‘The battle of the wrinklies commences when the ‘Oldie of the Year’ awards are presented in London.’
    • ‘This afternoon there were Victorian-style games, followed by a disco for 2-12s and a 70's disco for the wrinklies.’
    • ‘Often dismissed as wrinklies and fogeys, dodderers and ditherers, it turns out that Saga's target audience are, in fact, among the biggest consumers in the country.’
    • ‘The fears that jazz is increasingly in the hands of grey wrinklies is dispelled by the sight of such musicians as James Lancaster, Dave Hardy and Paul Baxter.’
    • ‘Younger jazz audiences and open-minded wrinklies will welcome the intriguing comparison of these two CDs.’
    • ‘This session features a younger group of musicians, refreshing to those who imagine that the jazz is populated by wrinklies.’
    • ‘The so-called grey and wrinklies are no fools and a force to be reckoned with.’
    • ‘A lot of the wrinklies, in fact, come along with holes in their shirts and jerseys.’
    • ‘The script is incredibly funny, with a bright and breezy pace and a good message for all wrinklies out there: life is worth living and you should pursue your dreams no matter how old you are.’
    • ‘Bath's nice - a lot of old wrinklies there, though.’
    • ‘The other day I was given a list of 150 wrinklies and told to call them up and arrange appointments for their alarms to be reprogrammed.’
    • ‘The other reason I'm here is to house-sit for the wrinklies while they're off swanning around South Australia.’
    • ‘Remember there's 11 million of us wrinklies out there, and you know we vote in higher numbers than any other age group.’
    • ‘Seeing Her Majesty was the one thing the sentimental wrinklies in our family wanted us to do while we're over here.’
    • ‘As tomorrow's wrinklies get older and older they will accumulate disabilities.’
    • ‘It's full of happy kids, relaxed wrinklies, mums, dads and strolling couples.’
    • ‘Being a white-headed wrinklie, as Australians call us old folks, I now feel the laughs bubbling up the way they have most of my 76 years.’
    • ‘As a 73-year-old I have to put my hand up and admit to never referring to myself as an old age pensioner, senior citizen, or even a wrinkly - I much prefer my term of recycled teenager, which causes great amusement.’
    • ‘Last year, not a single wrinkly was working in this town.’
    • ‘Disney is great for anyone and for all ages, whether you're a toddler or an old wrinkly!’
    retired person, pensioner, old-age pensioner, OAP