Meaning of writ of execution in English:

writ of execution


  • A judicial order that a judgement be enforced.

    • ‘We think that the law of limitation of actions ought not to interfere with the rules in relation to execution, which currently provide for a period for issue of a writ of execution of six years, which may be extended with the leave of the court.’
    • ‘There have now been something like about six applications, at least, relating to stays of the writ of execution.’
    • ‘Would that mean a writ of execution against an athlete's goods, or garnisheeing of an athlete's wages, is that a possibility?’
    • ‘The holder can always resort to claiming a writ of execution on the basis of the promissory note, even if the latter is signed as a mere guarantee to a contractual obligation which has been duly fulfilled by the issuer of the promissory note.’
    • ‘Those who have already experienced the system of enforcing a State court ruling know that obtaining a writ of execution does not necessarily mean that the party to whom the case has been awarded will quickly collect its money.’