Meaning of write-back in English:



mass nounFinance
  • The process of restoring to profit a provision for bad or doubtful debts previously made against profits and no longer required.

    • ‘Net profit was HK $354,000, compared with a net loss of HK $13.6 million a year earlier, due to a one-off tax provision write-back and improved margins.’
    • ‘The company said it will post a NT $5 billion one-time gain in the form of a special reserves write-back, aided by a Ministry of Finance rule change.’
    • ‘In respect of investments, there is a write-back of provision to the extent of Rs 86.74 crore against the investment depreciation of Rs 67.49 crore in the first quarter of 2002-03.’
    • ‘Chaoda's net profits for the year to June 30 rose 37 per cent to 996.7 million yuan, or 0.46 yuan a share, including a one-off write-back of a 93 million yuan tax provision.’
    • ‘The company made a provision of HK $219.8 million for the year, which was partially offset by the write-back.’
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