Meaning of write-in in English:



  • 1US A vote cast for an unlisted candidate by writing their name on a ballot paper.

    ‘the results showed 70 blank ballots and 770 write-ins’
    • ‘Only the presidential race will have a re-vote, and no ballots cast for write-in candidates during the re-vote will be counted.’
    • ‘Second, if he is not a formal write-in candidate on Election Day, the point is completely moot, since he would not be a candidate.’
    • ‘A demand for a recount can only be filed by a presidential candidate who was on the ballot or a certified write-in candidate.’
    • ‘Hailing from Vancouver, Wash., Smith had improbably made it to the House of Representatives two terms before as a write-in candidate.’
    • ‘Deters will file today as a write-in candidate.’
    • ‘Mortenson lost by a margin of four to one to Roscoe Sopiwnik '06, a write-in candidate who decided to run on the Friday before the election.’
    • ‘Instead, she was a write-in candidate, a situation which historically does not bode well for those seeking election to a major office.’
    • ‘Since then, three students have declared their intention to run as a write-in candidate and one student has dropped out of the race.’
    • ‘Hopefully, more than the usual 8 1 / 2% of members will vote this time and their determination to defend the Club will not be too diluted by the distribution of votes among 17 candidates plus write-ins.’
    • ‘It's official: Mark Twain received more than 500 votes in La Crosse County as a write-in candidate for Ron Kind's 3rd District congressional seat in the Nov. 5 election.’
    • ‘Westmoreland County officials expect to begin sifting through write-in ballots from the Derry Borough Council election today to determine how many write-in votes each candidate has won.’
    • ‘‘I've always been interested in politics,’ said Mr Sessions, who registered to vote the day after his birthday and became a write-in candidate a day later.’
    • ‘Out of the survey response by 433 cooperatives, 52 reported frequent use and 132 have occasional use of write-in candidates on the ballot.’
    • ‘Each ballot had space for write-in candidates.’
    • ‘We're not surprised that the government would make it difficult and confusing to cast a write-in vote.’
    • ‘Disaffected Republicans and disaffected Democrats will remain disaffected or sit out the election or cast a write-in ballot.’
    • ‘You're doing a write-in for a guy who is not even running for President, currently has another quite large job, and is barred from Presidential office by a law about foreign-born citizens?’
    • ‘The newcomer to the poll is the write-in candidate Alex Murphy, whose unofficial candidacy gets wholehearted support from me.’
    • ‘In some elections, Roth has voted for a write-in candidate as a protest.’
    • ‘Van Auken and vice presidential candidate Jim Lawrence are on the ballot in New Jersey, and are urging supporters in New York to cast write-in votes.’
    demonstration, march, protest march, peace camp, rally, sit-in, human chain, occupation, sleep-in, dirty protest, write-in, non-cooperation
    1. 1.1A candidate for whom votes are cast by writing their name on a ballot paper.
      ‘Unfortunately, there will only be two names on the presidential ballot in my jurisdiction, with no space for a write-in.’
      ‘State rep Ciampa will run as a write-in.’