Meaning of write-off in English:



  • 1British A vehicle or other object that is too badly damaged to be repaired.

    ‘the passengers were unharmed, but my car was a total write-off’
    • ‘Two fire engines arrived but the boat was a total write-off.’
    • ‘The aircraft became a total write-off, but the crew received only minor injuries.’
    • ‘All four fuel tanks were ruptured and the aircraft declared a total write-off.’
    • ‘The car was heavily damaged and clearly a write-off.’
    • ‘The taxi and police car were both write-offs - but the would-be robbers were arrested.’
    • ‘All three cars were write-offs after the crash.’
    • ‘The second half has not been so good as I had a bad car crash and my car was a write-off, which meant I couldn't get over to the gym for about three weeks.’
    • ‘The car was a write-off, with panels and chassis bent on both sides, but the woman - who does not want to be named - stepped out of the wreck with just cuts and bruises.’
    • ‘It will cost £2,300 to put right, and so the car is now a write-off.’
    • ‘The pair are recovering well from the ordeal, but it is unlikely that either will be rallying for some time as the car is a complete write-off.’
    • ‘A tree in Rothsay Road came down hard on a car, fortunately parked, but it looks as if the car is a write-off.’
    • ‘Thankfully, not all such incidents result in accidents and thankfully, even though this young woman's car was a complete write-off she only suffered minor injuries.’
    • ‘She said she had suffered whiplash injuries and back pain and Krystal had bad bruising where her seat belt had been - the cars were likely to be write-offs.’
    • ‘I've just got the car back, and to be honest it's a write-off.’
    • ‘‘The car's bonnet, windscreen and roof were damaged when I hit them, and my bike, a Yamaha 900, is a write-off,’ he said.’
    • ‘What remained of the car he was driving lay scattered over both sides of the dual carriageway and punctured the diesel tank of our car, which looks as if it's a write-off.’
    • ‘The other family's car, an Audi, was a write-off, with its bonnet tragically crumpled and flames licking away from beneath the chassis.’
    • ‘He said the roof of the car was twisted and he expected it to be a write-off.’
    • ‘Other damage to the tail section and the rest of the fuselage was still being evaluated at press time but the aircraft may be a write-off.’
    • ‘It was lucky in the sense that he only had cuts and bruising, but his car, which he had only bought that weekend, was a complete write-off.’
    1. 1.1A worthless or ineffectual person or thing.
      ‘the magazine was a write-off, its credibility rating below zero’
      • ‘The first half of today was pretty much a write-off in terms of studying, unless you consider violent cramping, nausea and headaches an aid to learning.’
      • ‘And on top of this I'm going to see a show that's part of the Cabaret Festival on Wednesday night so that night's a write-off.’
      • ‘But it was not a write-off and the last three months were good.’
      • ‘I can now officially declare the personal relations of Jan-Aug. 2002 a write-off.’
      • ‘The season is a total write-off, but we are all aware of the need to regenerate ourselves ahead of the New Zealand tour.’
      • ‘Back to the weekend - it wasn't such a total write-off really.’
      • ‘But Tuesday wasn't a total write-off - I've picked up my new telly, and it's a beauty.’
      loser, born loser, incompetent, non-achiever, underachiever, ne'er-do-well, disappointment, write-off
  • 2Finance
    A cancellation from an account of a bad debt or worthless asset.

    ‘their profits are weakening thanks to loan write-offs’
    • ‘Most banks enjoy a high quality credit rate, so write-offs of bad debts are not common - which means that when they happen, the banks notice them all the more.’
    • ‘In the event of a loan write-off, the income tax ‘deducted’ is not available as a credit to the borrower.’
    • ‘It is taking a one-off hit of $10m to cover redundancy payments, inventory write-offs and bad debt.’
    • ‘He said the package would include more aggressive measures to speed up bad debt write-offs and stabilize the banking system.’
    • ‘Last year, loan growth was a healthy 9%, after deducting write-offs for nonperforming loans - more than twice what the bank projected.’