Meaning of write-up in English:



  • 1A written account, in particular a newspaper article giving an opinion or review of an event, performance, or product.

    ‘we had a good write-up in yesterday's paper’
    • ‘Later, Bhabendrenath Saikia's Sandhyaraag also fuelled some inquisitiveness about serious cinema, which was genuinely reflected in a few write-ups in newspapers.’
    • ‘Radio airplay, TV appearances, write-ups in newspapers and magazines, and sales of CDs and tapes become vital at this stage.’
    • ‘I have nothing to say about the articles and write-ups published in MG under different heads as they are superb and fact-finding as usual.’
    • ‘We got a good feed, too, and - the final icing on the cake - Arabella the food critic from Yorkshire Aspirational magazine came and promised to give the event a glowing write-up.’
    • ‘Possibly the best write-up of his masterful performance last night is here.’
    • ‘A popular feature of The Young Issue is ‘Shadow’, which allows a member of the editorial team to spend a day following someone in their job and produce a write-up on it for the site.’
    • ‘When I read the write-ups about the contributors, I realised that The Capilano Review publishes career writers, working on novels and having already published well before exposure in the anthology.’
    • ‘They were figuring that it would maybe sell a couple of thousand copies, but it got very strong write-ups in a couple of the New York newspapers and demand was high for it.’
    • ‘Please, please send me write-ups or references to interesting articles etc.’
    • ‘Hadn't anyone noticed the lovely write-ups in the Ottawa Citizen and the Toronto Star?’
    • ‘It was mostly a blur, but expect a write-up and more thoughts on the event over the next few days.’
    • ‘To my horror, in the subsequent band officer elections, I landed the job of reporter, which meant a weekly write-up in the local paper describing our half-time shows.’
    • ‘And I suppose this is another talking point for journos to put in a write-up about the complex when it opens?’
    • ‘This month's write-up of top new products from 1999 displays some new technology.’
    • ‘This has been hailed as good news in the media but like other write-ups on the epidemic, this has been done from the terraces and not in the ring as should be the case.’
    • ‘The SJ Mercury News has a detailed write-up of the history and current use of the Lomo camera.’
    • ‘Even the press were kind, and I got great write-ups in Vogue, The Guardian, Drapers Record and the Independent.’
    • ‘The write-ups are a storehouse of information for future generations.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I got write-ups in the Guardian and The Telegraph which was rare because they never used to cover hockey much.’’
    • ‘There's been quite a lot of commemorative write-ups in the local papers.’
    notice, announcement, bulletin
  • 2Finance
    An increase in the estimated or nominal value of an asset.