Meaning of write one's own ticket in English:

write one's own ticket

(also write one's ticket)


informal North American
  • Dictate one's own terms.

    • ‘a woman with a PhD in engineering could write her own ticket at any Canadian school’
    • ‘Following his successful career as a stand-up comedian and a stint on Saturday Night Live, Murphy practically wrote his own ticket for success.’
    • ‘I believe that you write your own ticket, and that you prepare yourself for the kind of life you want to lead (whether or not you ultimately live up to that, is also your choice).’
    • ‘He'd been in Recruitment for a while now, everyone in-house knew it was the fast-track, if you did well you could write your own ticket to a good position anywhere.’
    • ‘It seems the porky guard's brother-in-law can pull strings on the parole board, and good boxers can write their ticket to an early parole.’
    • ‘They have such awesome purchasing power that they write their own ticket.’
    • ‘It will not take artists long to determine that they can write their own ticket in this world and eventually restructure their contracts with their record companies to give them more money per download.’
    • ‘She continues, ‘A minority with the above credentials can write their own ticket.’’
    • ‘After a decade of being able to practically write their own ticket, American workers have found they are no longer in the driver's seat.’
    • ‘They are the rare exceptions who were able to write their own ticket!’
    • ‘I'm hoping to have a good year and write my own ticket, pave my own way next year.’