Meaning of writerly in English:



  • 1Of or characteristic of a professional author.

    ‘the mixture of writerly craft and stamina which Greene had’
    • ‘The proletariat is now an important trope of modernity worthy of the writerly gaze.’
    • ‘Sainz's novel explicitly inserts itself into the exploration of the effects of this e-revolution on the novelistic form, on the writerly identity, and on the rethinking of thematic development.’
    • ‘On the road towards major debates of the later twentieth century, Krutch considered aspects of writerly intention, and how these intersected with writerly self-critique.’
    • ‘It is worth remembering that Stephen admits he was raised to be a monk; in many ways we aren't far from Thomas Merton's link between silence and the monastic and writerly lives.’
    • ‘In other words, both writers eventually adopted an almost permanent writerly silence during their last years, seeking out a more direct means of reproducing mental images.’
    • ‘This hallucinatory tour de force is a writerly performance akin to the later postmodern critical aesthetics that celebrate, not just the surface, but the opportunity to think through the ways that surfaces make up our identities.’
    • ‘It has two faults: the author occasionally crosses the line between striking description and writerly fussiness.’
    • ‘Their dialogue is a fascinating exploration of the intersection of cultural concerns and writerly processes, giving readers a privileged glimpse into this increasingly rich and varied production.’
    • ‘‘There are two elements that need to coincide for me to write a book,’ as Puig later explained his writerly urge.’
    • ‘Though much of their dialogue centers on their writerly processes and experiences, many of their insights may be easily used to comprehend the process that occurs in other texts.’
    • ‘Gurdjieff also demonstrated more humble writerly skills, including the ability to accept advice from others and persistence in face of failure.’
    • ‘Sikelianos attempts to untangle some complex knots in this book, and it is a testament to her writerly scope that she succeeds in doing so with wit and humor.’
    • ‘That's interesting, because in a way that's a very writerly method, in that you did your rough draft and then your final draft.’
    • ‘But the persona, writerly and otherwise, that I've invested so much time grooming over the past few decades just doesn't marry up with sleekness and throbbing muscly health.’
    • ‘I want to say that Campion's An Angel at My Table is faithful to Frame's autobiography, specifically to the writerly vision of the writer's life.’
    • ‘She's small with big eyes framed by laughter lines and is dressed entirely in black, but that seems to be the extent of any macabre crime writerly persona.’
    • ‘His account of Defoe's popular success is a clue to his own writerly ambitions.’
    • ‘Sean Howe's book Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers!: Writers on Comics is replete with writerly confessions.’
    • ‘But the surest way to writerly independence is a big readership and a well-known name, which is exactly what Winfrey was offering him.’
    • ‘This is no different from the writerly desires that have driven the makers of literature for centuries.’
    1. 1.1Consciously literary.
      ‘novels as tricksy and writerly as those of Robbe-Grillet’
      • ‘Cavarero writes generically complex tales of the narratable self, reviving the writerly tradition of Roland Barthes, and echoing his recognition of eros, love, and desire.’
      • ‘Gowdy's prose is almost transparent; you never feel her writerly imprint.’
      • ‘Our book's approach is literary and writerly, focusing on the form and acknowledging the literary impulse in nonfiction.’
      • ‘This is a ‘world’ all right, the rules for civil adherence percolate into a grammar made iconic by gaps and outbursts of intense writerly variance.’
      • ‘Of prime concern here has been to sketch out the way three contemporary poets have created work which exemplifies a number of connections between writerly and corporeal inscriptions.’
      • ‘This delicious, melancholic vision both romanticises the subject and bathes the object in writerly, almost heroic solitude.’
      • ‘The way she chooses to write highlights this crucial interdependency between the sited event and its writerly structure.’
      • ‘The complication of Loden's writerly comic procedure is all in the nuances and gestures of meaning conveyed by particular word-choices, tones and implications.’
      • ‘I've got the usual collection of writerly type books that I keep at hand.’
      • ‘At the very end of the book Hitchens summarizes Orwell's legacy in a stirring but slippery assessment that somehow Orwell's famous writerly style is at the center of how he matters.’
      • ‘These black voices represent an aesthetic and cultural position which, like Caliban's, speak of racial politics in an authentic black voice different from the writerly texts of European modernism.’
      • ‘No Country for Old Men offers much more hard-driving suspense than any of McCarthy's previous works; in fact the plot's motor is so overdriven that one tends to read too fast to savor the writerly nuances.’
      • ‘This purpose and the writerly comic principle underlying Rabelais's narratives, a principle we shall refer to as ‘privative’ evil, are the subjects we shall focus on in the remainder of this study.’
      • ‘Indeed, the narrative structure of the first half is, as Jameson has suggested, of a writerly nature and schizophrenic in its narrative loops and turns.’
      • ‘I require that the essay focuses on what they have read and learned from writers - writerly concepts from, say, Pound, Levertov, Eliot, Rich, Webb and others (Geddes).’
      • ‘Despite her best intentions, ultimately she's trying to find the sort of writerly perfection that leads to embalmed craft.’
      • ‘She deploys Roland Barthes's notion of readerly and writerly texts to contextualize Bulosan's social realism and Yamamoto's heretofore overlooked experimentalism.’
      • ‘High modernist author Georges Perec, for instance, comically suggested that there are exactly 243 writerly possibilities for the postcard message.’
      • ‘In cases where critics might describe a text as either readerly or writerly, following Barthes' classic distinction, we recognize a reference to the level of welcome afforded by a given text.’
      • ‘Alas, it is true that Didion is a writer full of writerly tricks of a type that can be made fun of, rather like Hemingway.’