Meaning of writing case in English:

writing case


  • A portable case for holding writing materials and paper.

    • ‘A silver writing case (Munich, Residenz) may have been one of the objects made for Duke Wilhelm V.’
    • ‘I eventually settled with my conscience over the writing case and decided to return it.’
    • ‘Keynes, a great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin, found - in a chest of drawers inherited from his grandmother - the memorabilia-filled writing case of Darwin's beloved daughter Annie (who died at age ten).’
    • ‘Nik grinned, handing her the chess set, a book, and a writing case.’
    • ‘He took out his writing case and spit into the ink cake to moisten it.’
    • ‘The box is her treasured writing case and it provides Keynes with a key to Darwin's rich emotional life.’