Meaning of writing paper in English:

writing paper


mass noun
  • Paper of good quality used for writing, especially letter-writing.

    • ‘Paper and board are recycled to produce packaging materials, tissue, toilet paper, printing paper, and writing paper.’
    • ‘Creative learning could involve innovative use of low cost materials such as old newspapers, thermocole, brown paper and even single-sided writing paper.’
    • ‘Welcomed in Rotterdam by the Red Cross and the Prince of Holland, Noschke delighted in gifts of flowers, cigarettes, chocolate and writing paper.’
    • ‘All other tables should have pens/pencils, writing paper, and copies of the sample letter to the editor.’
    • ‘So, get out your pens and writing paper, and write a hand written letter (no faxes or emails, type only if your handwriting is so bad that it can't be read) to your MP asking that they support this bill.’
    • ‘While searching for what high society calls ‘social stationery’, I stumbled upon a lovely Atlantic essay on engraved writing paper.’
    • ‘And tonight looking at that photo I felt this huge pang and then put the group of photos back in their little sleeve and away with my archaic writing paper, to stumble upon again another day.’
    • ‘Two of my weaknesses are shoes and writing paper.’
    • ‘An unexpected visitor just arrived: a black aphid, with tiny transparent wings, has landed on my writing paper.’
    • ‘The many shortages of supplies included writing paper.’
    • ‘I have a clean, beautiful piece of writing paper sitting in front of me and I intend to write only beautiful things about myself on it.’
    • ‘Each was bound along the left ledge with the kind of rubbery glue used to bind a pad of writing paper and featured jokes and an occasional smidgen of story.’
    • ‘He was referring to the last-minute amendments that had been handed in on lined writing paper in green ink, rather than in the formal style of the House.’
    • ‘So caught up was he that he wrote little stories on the backs of old seed calendar pages, there being a lack of writing paper around the farm.’
    • ‘Notes are regularly recycled in the United States and turned into ordinary writing paper or egg boxes.’
    • ‘Or maybe I should just change my writing paper to a brand that guarantees the essential work gets done.’
    • ‘Why not include a stamped addressed envelope and writing paper with the present?’
    • ‘I just had to sit there looking alert and hand out extra writing paper when it was needed.’
    • ‘First, get comfortable with writing paper handy.’
    • ‘He handed me a small, Manila coloured envelope made of heavy writing paper.’
    writing paper, notepaper


writing paper