Meaning of wrong-headed in English:



  • Having or showing bad judgement; misguided.

    ‘this approach is both wrong-headed and naive’
    • ‘The approach such provisions represent is wrong-headed and ill-considered - and unworthy of a democratic society.’
    • ‘I think they are often wrong-headed and foolish, but nobody deserves to be indiscriminately beaten because of their political beliefs.’
    • ‘That naive misunderstanding summarizes the threat posed by this good-hearted, wrong-headed legislation.’
    • ‘My understanding (let alone expertise) in such fields is nonexistent and some of my opinions others on this site find wrong-headed.’
    • ‘The government bureaucrats may continue in the old, wrong-headed, and unscientific rhetoric, but the public health people should know better.’
    • ‘Furthermore, calls to prioritise cleaner air at the expense of other beneficial aspects of modern life, such as transport and industry, seem as wrong-headed as they are unnecessary.’
    • ‘The weakening of the Federalist party and its eventual demise a few years later were largely due to Hamilton's wrong-headed meddling.’
    • ‘But his vigilante approach seems so wrong-headed.’
    • ‘‘It just seemed to me that their way of paying tribute was wrong-headed,’ he said.’
    • ‘They are wrong-headed and politically driven obsessions, not compassionate advisements intended to relieve human suffering.’
    • ‘I suppose I just think the world is complex, and even wrong-headed actions can sometimes have beneficial outcomes.’
    • ‘If you feel really strongly that my opinions are shocking or wrong-headed, you could perfectly well publish them with an appropriate editorial disclaimer.’
    • ‘Well, Jonathan, my understanding is that the thinking at the time was laudable, but it was probably wrong-headed.’
    • ‘To act like the worlds of politics and sport are completely separated and that there is no interaction between them at all is wrong-headed and ridiculous.’
    • ‘You may regard some decisions as misconceived and wrong-headed, but we must have an authoritative structure to preserve the rule of law.’
    • ‘However wrong-headed their views, they are nonetheless entitled to air them; as elected leaders they can claim a mandate to put them forward.’
    • ‘But the suggestion that scientists are pointlessly pursuing experiments and models that do not work is just wrong-headed.’
    • ‘I find this totally stunning and completely wrong-headed.’
    • ‘They were full of regret at missed opportunities and wrong-headed policies, but they were not angry.’
    • ‘Sometimes a person can go so far out that you have difficulty knowing whether their views are wrong-headed only or actually deranged.’
    unwise, injudicious, misguided, imprudent, impolitic, incautious, ill-considered, ill-judged, ill-conceived, ill-thought-out, badly planned, inexpedient