Meaning of wrong-headedly in English:



See wrong-headed

  • ‘She discusses happiness in the Observer, I think about as wrong-headedly as one can get.’
  • ‘Alas, at nearly 70 minutes, By the Way is overlong and simply too restrained, and too wrong-headedly earnest, to leave more than a marginal impression.’
  • ‘I'm going to try to convince you that we developers start off a project wrong-headedly.’
  • ‘But it would be an unjustifiable violation of another's personal freedom to coercively attempt to prevent him from ingesting some substance that he - however wrong-headedly from the critic's perspective - finds desirable, useful, or pleasurable.’
  • ‘I haven't seen either formally debate, but I've seen them both on video, and have read their blog posts, and I get the sense that she's just as poised and articulate and clever (and often dangerously wrong-headedly foolish) as he is.’