Meaning of wrong-headedness in English:



See wrong-headed

  • ‘Disregarding for a moment the incredible hubris of titling a compilation album Music of the Millennium, there's still so much unintentional hilarity here as to make this CD almost fascinating in its wrong-headedness.’
  • ‘Eventually, the newspaper will stop printing the increasingly vituperative letters to the editor about the wrong-headedness of last week's column and of half of the preceding letters to the editor about it.’
  • ‘The most striking element of their behaviour has been a capacity to follow every bad decision with a worse one, combining wrong-headedness with moral weakness to create layer upon layer of confusion, embarrassment and opprobrium.’
  • ‘But neither does the wrong-headedness of the artists' views mean that the work of art they create is worthless.’
  • ‘Moreover, the wrong-headedness of this single text reveals some of the deeper sources of the confusion that prevails in contemporary education.’