Meaning of wrybill in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌɪbɪl/


  • A small New Zealand plover with grey and white plumage and a bill that bends to the right.

    Anarhynchus frontalis, family Charadriidae

    ‘Shorebirds endemic to New Zealand, wrybills are the only birds with side-durving beaks.’
    • ‘The endemic wrybill has the unique characteristic of a bill bent to the right.’
    • ‘The group has received no formal funding but has managed on a shoe string to make significant gains in protecting the wrybill and making the local community aware of the importance of this population.’
    • ‘We also search again for chukor and return to a braided river - in search of breeding wrybill.’
    • ‘Parky the ambassador had his photo taken with a wrybill today.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, a number of rare and protected birds such as kea, the New Zealand falcon, rock wrens, black stilt, wrybills, and black-fronted terns can be observed.’
    • ‘There were lots of little crabs scuttling around behind the mangroves and on the tidal flats there were wrybill, plump little birds that have beaks skewed to the right.’
    • ‘Craig fielded heaps of questions during the day about why lupins were being targeted, why other weeds are not such a threat, and what is special about the wrybill.’
    • ‘The wrybill's close cousin, the banded dotterel, favours the sides of rivers, lakes, open land with sparse vegetation and coastal lagoons and beaches.’
    • ‘One of our party estimated there were 2400 wrybills in this one spot.’
    • ‘In winter Miranda is home to birds from New Zealand's South Island, particularly wrybills, pied oystercatchers and kotuku (white herons).’
    • ‘While the tide was very slow to move the birds in, eventually the wrybills came my way and I crawled their way, until finally I was just 1.5 m from the nearest wrybill and 3 m from the dunlin.’