Meaning of wryness in English:



See wry

  • ‘Like all great music, Beatles songs give voice to an intense sense of possibility and do so with an economy, a down-to-earthness and a wryness that remain wonderfully invigorating.’
  • ‘Prosodical and rhetorical choices in both poems combine to create an unusual balance between gravity and elegance, on the one hand, wryness and wit on the other.’
  • ‘He brought the same quiet wryness to his conversation, and many of his remarks were all the funnier for his murmured, throwaway delivery.’
  • ‘When they were young, they'd adopted wryness as the defining tone at home, skirting anything too intimate or windy.’
  • ‘Such wryness and wit are generously on hand in Hamilton's prints, as is a pervasive irony.’