Meaning of wudu in English:



mass nounIslam
  • Ritual washing to be performed in preparation for prayer and worship.

    • ‘I devoured tapes and books on how to perform wudu (ablution before prayers).’
    • ‘I understand that it's compulsory to do wudu for touching the Qur'an but is it necessary to do so while reading as well - even on the computer?’
    • ‘It is not permissible to touch the Qur'an without wudu.’
    • ‘The latter book shows photographs from inside a mosque, such as the sinks for doing wudu (cleansing of hands and feet before prayer), clothing to be worn on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and a library where Muslims can study their religion.’
    • ‘Before starting the actions of wudu it is necessary to make niyyah, make niyyah that the act of performing wudu is for the purpose of purity only.’


Arabic wuḍū' ‘purity, cleanliness’, from waḍu'a ‘be pure or clean’.