Meaning of wuff in English:



  • A dog's low suppressed bark.

    ‘She can't answer phones but she greets clients with a wuff and sometimes a pawshake.’
    ‘After several weeks, she finally has begun to scratch the floor playfully, swing her head back and forth, and give out a "Wuff!" when Bob appears.’


[no object]
  • (of a dog) give a low suppressed bark.

    • ‘As he sat back, a large, softly furred head pushed onto his lap and wuffed softly in greeting.’
    • ‘On the morning that this photo was taken though, I let the boys out the back only to hear Colin wuffing at something.’
    • ‘They wuffed and wheezed and wagged and wiggled for us and then after a minute or two they sat their tired selves down and gazed at me and my camera.’
    • ‘She wuffed and pretended to bite him.’


Early 19th century imitative.