Meaning of wulfenite in English:



mass noun
  • An orange-yellow mineral consisting of a molybdate of lead, typically occurring as tabular crystals.

    • ‘The number, size, and perfection of flashy minerals such as wulfenite, rhodochrosite, and azurite coupled with their localities can be used to gauge dollars spent and perhaps the age of the collection.’
    • ‘Although anglesite and cerussite are found at Loudville, the two most sought-after minerals are pyromorphite and wulfenite.’
    • ‘Tiny pyromorphite crystals associated with wulfenite have been found in road cuts near Cranston, Rhode Island.’
    • ‘Yellowish pyromorphite in crystals to 1.5 cm associated with wulfenite and mimetite is reported from the Los Galemes and Santa Rosa mines, Mazapil, Zacatecas.’
    • ‘Of particular interest is the large suite of secondary lead and copper minerals that can be found - most notably pyromorphite and wulfenite.’
    • ‘On the fourth level of this mine aurichalcite occurred abundantly as delicate sprays of acicular and lathlike crystals that ranged in color from pale blue to dark bluegreen perched on smithsonite, hemimorphite, and wulfenite.’
    • ‘Those who went had five stops on the trip and collected celestine, ulexite, malachite, duftite, alunite, rosasite, barite, cerussite, smithsonite, and wulfenite.’
    • ‘Good mimetite associated with descloizite, vanadinite, and wulfenite has been produced in recent years from the Aurora mine, Cuchillo Parado, Chihuahua.’
    • ‘It has been found at Calamita, Elba (with plancheite), Traversella, and Monte Ramazzo, Italy; and Baita, Romania, with wulfenite and hemimorphite.’
    • ‘I knew that in the early days of mining, pyromorphite and wulfenite were of no commercial value, so I had hopes of finding specimens in the tailings at Loudville.’
    • ‘I collected one good wulfenite and one excellent pyromorphite.’
    • ‘Included are marcasite and calcite from Goongewa zinc mine, wulfenite from Whim Creek copper mine, azurite from Teutonic Bore, and diamonds from Argyle diamond mine, along with a wide range of gold specimens from across the state.’
    • ‘Rather crude crystals, occasionally associated with wulfenite, have been collected at the Mammoth-St. Anthony mine, Pinal County.’
    • ‘The microcrystals of wulfenite ranged in color from white to yellow to bright orange.’
    • ‘At the north shaft of the Pedry mine, one group located wulfenite, while the other group, at the A. O. property, found vanadinite and descloizite.’
    • ‘The gold from Mammoth is fine grained; however, some aesthetic gold wires on cerussite and wulfenite survive in collections today.’
    • ‘I still have a wonderful, butterscotch Ahumada mine wulfenite I purchased there many years ago.’


Mid 19th century from the name of F. X. von Wulfen (1728–1805), Austrian scientist, + -ite.