Meaning of wurst in English:


Pronunciation /vəːst/ /vʊəst/ /wʊəst/


mass noun
  • German or Austrian sausage.

    • ‘German dishes such as sauerkraut, wursts, wiener schnitzel with spatzle, herring and herring salad, cottage cheese, hot soups and hot potato salad, stollen, and my favorite, apple strudel were also served.’
    • ‘Truth be told, excellent German chefs run superb restaurant kitchens all over the world; nevertheless, think German food, and you think sauerkraut and wurst and schnitzel the size of a catcher's mitt.’
    • ‘I have no appetite problem at all, in fact, I eat more than usual, any fat and sugar laden bakery is my favorite here, not to mention their curry wurst (curry sausage).’
    • ‘A range of soft, fragrant sausages or wurst can be found in Austria and Bavaria.’
    • ‘Pork is the most commonly consumed meat, though various sorts of wurst, or sausage, are often eaten in lieu of meat.’
    • ‘No doubt, the happiest of all will be Sofians and visitors to the capital - those who will drink free Dutch beer, eat German wurst and Belgian chocolate.’
    • ‘But for all the culture of beer, fish and chips, beer, wurst, beer and steak frites, local communities still exist, often hidden by the mushroom growth of tacky hotels, bars, restaurants and apartment blocks.’
    • ‘With an extensive range of options - from carpaccio to crispy chicken fingers and from Bavarian wurst to a selection of French cheeses - the menu was truly international.’
    • ‘The cafes at either end of the street are sparsely populated, and the aproned man grilling wurst for the restaurant looks bored, lonely and cold, wisps of smoke wreathing lazily about his head.’
    • ‘One of my favorite things to do in summer is cook juicy red meat and various wursts over an open flame.’
    • ‘Joe didn't quite get filled up with wursts, so he topped himself off at the end of the night with a slice.’
    • ‘In Germany, there is always the main staple of the country's beer and wine festivals, the wurst.’


From German Wurst.



/vəːst/ /vʊəst/ /wʊəst/