Meaning of wushu in English:



mass noun
  • The Chinese martial arts.

    • ‘Jakartans were also treated to presentation of a local traditional music called Campursari Betawi with a mix of Chinese martial art wushu in its newly-added Kampung Betawi area.’
    • ‘As if that weren't enough, she is a former national champion of the Chinese martial-arts discipline of wushu.’
    • ‘Currently, there are at least five martial arts in Indonesia that stage women's fighting events: judo, karate, pencak silat, taekwondo and wushu.’
    • ‘Instead, money will be directed toward sports it has already had some success in, such as baseball, table tennis, taekwondo, wushu, judo and shooting.’
    • ‘The Philippines has many good fighters in boxing, karate, wushu and pencak silat.’
    • ‘The recent acceptance of wushu (martial arts) into the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games attests to the sport's international success.’
    • ‘There will be 37 events, including athletics, yachting, archery and the martial art of wushu, with a total of 404 gold medals up for grabs.’
    • ‘The projects center on the ancient martial art of wushu and will showcase death-defying action in the Hong Kong-style of filmmaking.’
    • ‘The terms wushu and kung fu (in their reference to classical martial arts) are both generic terms encompassing all the different styles, weapons, routines and other aspects of the Chinese martial arts in general.’
    • ‘The IA campaign sees a selected number of athletes from 12 sports, excluding wushu, prepare intensively to enhance Indonesia's medal chances at the 2006 Asian Games.’
    • ‘These elements were implemented into traditional Chinese martial arts and thus over 50 distinct Shaolin fighting styles, known as kung fu or wushu, were developed.’
    • ‘He chose not to become a monk and has pledged to devote his life promoting Shaolin wushu.’


From Chinese wǔshù, from wǔ ‘military’ + shù ‘art’.