Meaning of x-height in English:



  • The height of a lower-case x, considered characteristic of a given typeface or script.

    ‘I'm imagining a lot of snobbish backroom complaining: ‘The lowercase x-height is ghastly!’’
    • ‘The x-height is usually the height of the unextended lowercase letters.’
    • ‘If you're wondering why designers didn't anticipate this problem by simply designing fonts with larger x-heights and blobby serifs, you are not alone: you stand together with Tony Stan, designer of ITC Garamond.’
    • ‘Within each triplet set, the items were matched for rhyme and whether the initial letter was an ascender, descender, or x-height.’
    • ‘However, compared to fonts such as Verdana, currently this site's default, Gill Sans is very narrow and also looks pretty small (a small x-height)?’
    • ‘I can't think of any other suitable explanation for such consistent kerning and x-height.’
    • ‘It had a slightly higher x-height and overall, making it look bigger and easier to read.’
    • ‘The x-height in proportion to the cap height can vary radically from one typeface to another.’