Meaning of X-irradiation in English:



mass noun
  • Irradiation with X-rays.

    ‘For whole body X-irradiation male rats were placed in Plexiglas boxes surrounded by paraffin phantoms on all sides except the top.’
    • ‘Classical genetic screens induce mutations using either X-irradiation or chemical mutagens such as ethyl methanesulfonate.’
    • ‘Such a separation of survival and RDS in response to X-irradiation adds to the complexity and difficulty of understanding AT.’
    • ‘Furthermore, this background level was only slightly increased by X-irradiation (data not shown).’
    • ‘All the mosaic plants recovered following X-irradiation of mature seed displayed completely normal leaf width in at least the first four leaves.’
    • ‘Appropriate cell numbers were plated to measure clonogenic potential after 0-7 Gy X-irradiation.’
    • ‘Evidence for a mechanism based on time comes from killing cells in the progress zone or blocking their proliferation at an early stage by, for example, X-irradiation.’
    • ‘Cultured cells have the ability to rapidly rejoin the DNA strand breaks induced by X-irradiation.’
    • ‘WIL2 - NS cells are a human B lymphoblastoid cell line isolated from the spleen of a Caucasian male which has been reported to have a high mutational response to X-irradiation.’
    • ‘Evaluation of MF in liver, spleen and lung tissue from lacZ mice exposed to fractionated X-irradiation shows tissue-specific differences in both the maximum mutant fraction and the subsequent recovery from X-ray exposure.’
    • ‘Pollen was collected and X-irradiated in a Siefert (Ahrensburg, Germany) X-ray machine to dosages of 4500, 5000, 6000, or 7600 R. Immediately after X-irradiation, the pollen was dusted on the styles of female plants.’