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  • 1Pornographic or indecent.

    ‘there was some X-rated humour’
    • ‘Can you tell your dad or mom that you accidentally came across some X-rated stuff that bothered you?’
    • ‘Like Harry Potter, this X-rated adult book concerns the battle between good and evil.’
    • ‘Because when they had tried to access X-rated porn sites, they couldn't get past the filters.’
    • ‘This is going to be an adult wedding but not in the X-rated sense.’
    • ‘Draper regards Playboy magazine as pornographic and has demanded the government stop all X-rated videos.’
    • ‘Ironically, the messaging system is even more risqué, and even features X-rated chat directories.’
    • ‘The spy then posted on the Internet the group's private notes - including some X-rated photographs the men had traded.’
    • ‘The ‘Grudge’ star will play an X-rated actress who is trying to quit porn to develop her own reality TV show.’
    • ‘Some cable operators have started to use or test explicit on-demand porn in an effort to have the X-rated fare help pay for their video-on-demand upgrades.’
    • ‘Second, in the world of 10 adult channels and pay-per-view, X-rated movies, can you really afford to throw a family channel off the air in this regulatory environment?’
    • ‘Surprises abound, as flecks of color in one part of the work turn out, on closer inspection, to be explicit pornographic vignettes culled (the artist says) from an X-rated Web site.’
    • ‘Just the other day the minister was pointing out on TV that sex crimes were synonymous with pinups, strip joints, X-rated movies, adult literature and so on, all of which she categorized as pornography.’
    • ‘Two years later, a US study reckoned there were 200,000 ‘cybersex compulsives’: people fixated on porn sites, X-rated chatrooms and the like.’
    • ‘This better not be some perverted, X-rated tale.’
    • ‘One thing the free channel won't have is unedited versions of popular X-rated programs.’
    • ‘Her X-rated autobiography is horrifying, gripping, sexy and pathetic.’
    • ‘The last message was very personal and X-rated, and Kat hit the ‘delete’ button instinctively, afraid Sean would hear it.’
    • ‘What I'm auctioning today is a personalized description of my next visit to an X-rated movie set.’
    obscene, dirty, filthy, rude, coarse, vulgar, gross, crude, bawdy, lewd, racy, risqué, salacious, wicked, improper, indelicate, unseemly, impure, smutty, spicy, raw, off colour, ribald, Rabelaisian, lascivious, licentious
    1. 1.1 historical (of a film) given an X classification.
      See X
      ‘Soon she accepted offers to perform in X-rated films, which changed her life forever.’
      • ‘Even the inmates lawyer agrees that X-rated films are within the government's right to legislate.’
      • ‘This didn't seem to be a problem, until one manager booked a X-rated film.’
      • ‘It was basically considered an X-rated film and shown in places like the ‘nudie booths’ in Times Square.’
      • ‘It would seem that people at the time enjoyed a good shock, as Midnight Cowboy, an X-rated film released a year prior, went on to win Best Picture.’
      • ‘Chairman of the Standing Committee Senator Zafar Iqbal assured him that copies of X-rated films would be made available to him for his viewing.’
      • ‘‘I don't know how many times people have asked if our films are X-rated,’ says Lieberman.’
      • ‘The first X-rated film I ever went to was The Servant.’
      • ‘The movie frightened off imitators, and instead of being the first of many X-rated films dealing honestly with sexuality, it became almost the last.’
      • ‘The first X-rated film to win a Best Picture Oscar, John Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy spices up its downbeat story with fine acting and a great soundtrack.’
      • ‘Polyester was Waters' bridge from X-rated fair into the mainstream, which was done out of necessity as small theaters showing X-rated movies were closing down.’
      • ‘A stern group of women in 1960s Nebraska look every inch the Stepford wives - Benson explains that they were off to protest about the local cinema showing X-rated films.’
      • ‘Reportedly a member of the high-IQ organization MENSA, adult video star Asia Carrera is one of the most intelligent and accomplished ladies to ever appear in X-rated films.’
      • ‘But in the early '70s the sexual revolution was still in full swing and the X-rated film went on to gross $36 million in the U.S.’
      • ‘It was famous for its mock-Gothic interior and red velvet ‘kissing seat’, although the Cullen sisters were proud of the fact that in the 50 years they ran it they never showed an X-rated film.’
      • ‘At 74 years of age, John Schlesinger looks much the same as he did when he received the 1969 Academy Award for Best Director of the only X-rated movie ever to win an Oscar for Best Picture, Midnight Cowboy.’
      • ‘In these X-rated movies… to quote Reuters… ‘she took off her outer clothes but kept her undergarments on, and did not touch and was not touched by anyone.’’
      • ‘Question difficulty ranges from: ‘What was the first X-rated film to be shown at a British Royal Command performance?’’
      • ‘When a New York Times article labeled Deep Throat as ‘porn chic,’ the movie became a phenomenon, the first X-rated film to draw from the ‘normal’ film-going population.’
      • ‘His administration was really responsible for the transformation of Times Square from a place with X-rated films and strippers to a tourist destination.’