Meaning of X-ray astronomy in English:

X-ray astronomy


mass noun
  • The branch of astronomy concerned with the detection and measurement of high-energy electromagnetic radiation emitted by celestial objects.

    ‘The field of X-ray astronomy profited by some of the technological developments that went on in these programmes.’
    • ‘‘Giacconi really can be considered the father of cosmic X-ray astronomy,’ Hughes says.’
    • ‘So X-ray astronomy came of age as a branch of science only when suitable detectors were placed in orbit around the Earth.’
    • ‘Last year's advance material was actually a 2000-word article about the Big Bang, the cosmic microwave background and X-ray astronomy.’
    • ‘The prize is in honor of Bruno Rossi, an authority on cosmic-ray physics and a pioneer in the field of X-ray astronomy.’
    • ‘My career originally started in X-ray astronomy and that's very different from planetary science.’
    • ‘In 2002, Riccardo Giacconi was named co-recipient of the 2002 Nobel Prize in physics for his pioneering work in X-ray astronomy.’
    • ‘Particularly stunning is that two of these new sources discovered by H.E.S.S. have no obvious counterparts in more conventional wavelength bands such as optical and X-ray astronomy.’
    • ‘Giacconi said that receiving the award confirms the importance of X-ray astronomy.’
    • ‘Kagoshima, Japan - Japan successfully launched an M - 5 rocket Sunday to deliver a 1.7-ton X-ray astronomy satellite into orbit to study black holes and other phenomena.’
    • ‘As a Ph.D. scholar, he designed and developed balloon-borne X-ray astronomy telescope and gamma-ray spectrometer systems.’
    • ‘‘Authorities in Guatemala believe both fragments are from the Italian satellite Beppo SIX, which has been in orbit since 1996 ‘conducting X-ray astronomy experiments.’’