Meaning of X-ray crystallography in English:

X-ray crystallography


mass noun
  • The study of crystals and their structure by means of the diffraction of X-rays by the regularly spaced atoms of crystalline materials.

    ‘The structures used in this study were all determined through X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘The goal of the mission is to bring back crystals grown in space, and analyse the crystals by X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘Hodgkin used X-ray crystallography to study the structure of biologically interesting molecules.’
    • ‘Using a technique called X-ray crystallography, they worked out the virus's structure and saw that it had mutated.’
    • ‘Pauling worked hard at Caltech, using X-ray crystallography to determine the structure of inorganic crystals.’
    • ‘I have solved protein structures with X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘The UCLA biochemists determined the structures from their analysis of small crystals, using X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘At least one major technology was imported from physics: X-ray crystallography became a tool for mapping the structure of biomolecules.’
    • ‘The researchers then developed a simple process for making the cation in a more direct way and determined the substance's structure using X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘This statement is certainly true in synchrotron-based X-ray crystallography, an area of study committed to solving detailed structures of molecules.’
    • ‘This project aims to grow crystals of this FcR, so that it can be studied by X-ray crystallography to elucidate the structure, so that scientists can design better immune therapies.’
    • ‘This product which has been characterized completely by X-ray crystallography and NMR studies, authenticates the mechanism through which the oxidation products are formed.’
    • ‘The text is introduced with a brief explanation of the structure determination methods of X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance.’
    • ‘Dr. Matthews earned a B.S. in physics, a Ph.D. in physics and X-ray crystallography, and a D.Sc. in structural studies of proteins from the University of Adelaide in Australia.’
    • ‘Two years later he transferred to Cambridge's Cavendish laboratory where Max Perutz was investigating the 3D structure of proteins using X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘The trouble is that the most powerful tools for determining protein structures, X-ray crystallography and NMR, require a protein crystal or a homogeneous solution, respectively.’
    • ‘As a young man, Bragg had pioneered the technique of X-ray crystallography that made it possible to study the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in molecules, including biological molecules.’
    • ‘There he studied for a PhD with Roscoe Dickinson on crystal structures, using the new technique of X-ray crystallography.’
    • ‘But close inspection of the structure obtained from X-ray crystallography allows us to follow the strand as it twists and turns through the compact globule.’
    • ‘In many cases small sample quantities limit the utility of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography in obtaining structural information.’